Luckily, each of the words in our name are legal for play.
We like to imagine that you get more points when you spell mutiple words, and they have a common theme.
When adding up points during the scoring phase, we find it most convenient to stack the cards in piles of 10 points each.
I don't know if these two words really go together, but I think they should.
A rare example of being able to spell three words while using all the cards in your hand.
Spell It Out!
Spell It Out!
Spell It Out!

Spell It Out!

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Spell It Out

The Word-Spelling, Deck-Building game for 2-4 Players!

A word-spelling, deck-building game with letter cards. Starting with a basic deck of common vowels and consonants, you spell simple words. These words give you points to buy uncommon letters. As you build your deck, your uncommon letters will score you more points to buy the rarest of letters.

The player with the most points in their deck at the end of the game wins!

Anyone who likes words will love this game!

"We start every gaming session off with this game" - Playtester who received one of our demo copies

"I don't usually like word games, but I like this one" - S.E., Toronto